GENTEXX Electric

Dealer :  Briggs & Stratton, General Electric and Generac Home Standby Generators


Keeps The Lights On



GENTEXX is a licensed and insured company. We are factory trained and have been doing electrical work in Houston since 1966. All gas hook-up is done by a master plumber. There is no middle man to deal with. We test our generators and make sure they will work when you need it. With an emergency standby generator installed by GENTEXX professionals, you’ll protect your household and business from power outages 24 – 7.


 A standby generator monitors your utility power around the clock. When the power is disrupted your generator automatically switches on and supplies electricity within seconds.  Your lights stay on, your appliances and computers keep running, your home security alarm and other critical equipment continue to operate. 

So don’t let the next power outage catch you off guard.  An emergency power generator from GENTEXX will ensure you have emergency power.









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