GENTEXX Electric

Dealer :  Briggs & Stratton, General Electric and Generac Home Standby Generators


 With GENTEXX all it takes is three simple steps.  
Review our lineup
Call or email and schedule a FREE in-home survey.


  2.       Select a system
We will visit your home to help you choose a generator that meets your home’s power needs during an outage.  We will assess the installation site and conditions affecting generator placement, inspect the electrical service panel and circuits, and review appliances and lifestyle demands in your home.  During this visit, you can select which appliances and equipment you’d like to keep running during an outage.  Together, we will select right generator and installation to fit your home and family’s needs.  After your in-home survey is complete, GENTEXX will provide a quote to get you started immediately.

  3.       Professional installation
GENTEXX will schedule a convenient time for installation. We will obtain any necessary municipal permits, deliver your new generator, put it in place, make electrical connections and a master plumber will connect natural gas or liquid propane source. Once installation is complete, we will thoroughly clean the work area and carry out a final walk through with you to make sure you understand how to operate your new generator and that it’s working exactly as it should.  Finally, we will arrange any required inspections with local authorities to ensure our installation meets all applicable local codes.








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